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The ComplexWakarusa Wabash/Norfolk and Western Depot

photo by Jospehiney Photography


2. Wakarusa Wabash/Norfolk and Western Depot

The Depot was built in 1892 and initially used for passenger service and freight.  The first train came through Wakarusa the following year, in 1893.   In April of 1930, passenger service ended, although freight continued.  In 1964 Norfolk and Western Railroad leased the Wabash Railroad, but the Depot continued to operate until May 15, 1975, when it was closed for good.  On September 10, 1976 the Norfolk and Western Railroad donated the Depot to the newly formed Wakarusa Historical Society.  In 1977, the Depot was moved from its original site to the new location across the street in what was formerly the Allied Coal Yard.  The Historical Society had acquired the land for the Depot, and in 2004, the waiting room was added back onto the Depot, which had been removed after passenger service had been discontinued.



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